How to untangle your necklace.You're racing out the door & grab some jewellery to pop on only to find that your necklace is tangled!


Anyone who has been in this situation knows how frustrating this is, particularly if you are committed to wearing that exact necklace. You now have to untangle it which might be straightforward or might take you eleventy million hours.

So here's a stress free, fail safe way to untangle your necklace quickly. 

1. Unclasp the necklace or necklaces if there is more than one tangled together.

2. Spread the necklace/s on a flat surface.

3. Take a safety pin & knead it through the knot/s to pull them apart.

4. Rub some lubricant, like baby powder, oil or Windex all over the necklace to loosen the knots.

5. Wash & dry your necklace & voila you are good to go!


So how should you store your necklaces in future to avoid tangling?

1. Hang them on a jewellery organiser or some hooks. 

2. Keep them tidy & separate in a jewellery box.

You can read other tips for storing your necklaces here.

March 06, 2023 — Jana Neill