Can engagement rings be resized?

One of the most frequent questions that people have about engagement rings is whether they can be resized. Since engagement rings are oftentimes expensive and sentimental items of jewellery, it’s important to know if they can be resized if necessary. 

The good news is that yes, engagement rings can typically be adjusted, so don’t panic if you have accidentally chosen the incorrect finger size for your partners engagement ring. 

With that said, there are a few things to consider when getting your ring resized.

  1. It’s essential that you are working with a respected jeweller as resizing a ring can be a delicate and involved process. A knowledgeable jeweller can skilfully alter the size of your ring without causing any harm to the stones or other components.
  1. The kind of metal your ring is made of is another thing to take into account. Although most engagement rings may be adjusted, working with some metals is more challenging than working with others. For instance, due to their special qualities, rings made of titanium or tungsten cannot be resized. Silver, platinum, and gold rings, on the other hand, can typically be resized rather easily.
  1. It's also important to remember that the ring's design affects how much resizing can be done. It might not be possible to resize the ring without dramatically changing the design if it contains many delicate embellishments or stones. To appropriately resize the ring, it may occasionally be required to add or remove stones.
  1. If your ring has engravings, resizing could distort or even remove them so if you are unsure you’ve purchased the correct ring size, we would suggest holding off on any engravings until you know the ring is a perfect fit.

If  you have any concerns about purchasing an engagement ring in the incorrect size, simply consult your jeweller to get clarification that your chosen design can be resized without any issues. 

As a precautionary measure we have a ring size chart on our website that enables someone to determine their ring size simply by using a piece of string. You could be upfront and ask your partner to complete their measurement as per our ring size chart here or if you want to be more secretive you could measure the inside of one of your partners rings to obtain the measure yourself.

March 06, 2023 — Jana Neill