The Vein of Love

Ancient Egyptians believed that the left hand's fourth finger, known as the "ring finger," contains a special vein that travels straight to the heart. Engagement and Wedding Rings are customarily worn on this finger because of this vein, which was so poetically described as the "vein of love."

The vena amoris, also referred to as the "vein of love," was thought to represent the physical manifestation of the intense emotional bond between two people. It was thought that when a ring was worn on this finger, it represented the joining of two hearts and a promise of love.

Many ancient civilisations inherited the notion of the "vein of love," and some people still hold it today. Having said that, there is no scientific proof that this vein exists. The habit of wearing Engagement and Wedding Rings on the left hand's fourth finger, or the "ring finger," has persisted, but it is now primarily cultural and symbolic rather than stemming from the antiquated notion of the "vein of love."

Even yet, the idea of the "vein of love" is still a lovely representation of the intense emotional bond that exists between two people and the love that they have for one another.

January 03, 2023 — Jana Neill