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If you follow along with our social media stories you have likely seen us posting recently about “Lab Grown Diamonds”, which may or may not be a completely new phrase and concept that you are hearing.

We had a conversation with one of our customers in-store about this very topic and the term Lab Grown Diamonds was indeed new for her, in fact the first question she asked was, “Are they like Secrets?”.

In short NO, they aren’t whatsoever like Secrets, and we will dive into why shortly.

To give you some context on the origin of Lab Grown Diamonds, it is worthwhile knowing that General Electric (GE) created the first batch of Lab Created Diamonds in 1954. So, while the concept may be new to many, Lab Grown Diamonds have a long-established history.

With that said, it has only been over the last 10 years or so that the process has been finessed and therefore made Lab Grown Diamonds viable to use in Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewellery.

The most common misconception about Lab Grown Diamonds, as demonstrated by our customers question above, is that they aren’t real diamonds and instead what is referred to as Diamond Simulants or Cubic Zirconia’s.

When it comes to Lab Grown Diamonds, they are indeed 100% real diamonds; not fake, Diamond Simulants, Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia’s.

Lab Grown, Created Diamonds, or Man-Made Diamonds (different terms given to the exact same process) are as real as Natural / Mined Diamonds.

Off course in order to claim such a thing, Lab Grown Diamonds need to be made of the exact same physical, optical, and chemical properties as diamonds that are mined from the earth, which they are.

The sparkle and appearance are the same, the only difference is the origin of the diamond.

 As the name would suggest, Lab Grown Diamonds are created through advanced technological processes in controlled laboratory environments rather than naturally occurring in the earth’s crust. Both Lab Grown and Natural Diamonds are grown with identical conditions in these separate environments, with the carbon atoms exposed to the exact same high pressure and extreme heat.

Having said that, one of the allures of Natural Diamonds is that they are extremely rare and take millions of years to form, which obviously Lab Grown Diamonds do not.

Comparatively, Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds cannot be distinguished from one another by an expert gemologist with just the naked eye. Likewise, a diamond tester will always provide a positive test reading confirming that it is indeed a real diamond, because it is.

If you have downloaded / read our Diamond Guide you would know there are several factors to consider when purchasing your diamond and the same factors apply with Lab Grown Diamonds.

Not all Lab Grown Diamonds are created equally, as is the case with Natural Diamonds, and therefore why the Greg Neill & Son Fine Jewellers selection process is vital in ensuring you get the best diamond/s for your budget every time.

Ok, so now we understand what Lab Grown Diamonds are, let's discuss how Lab Grown Diamonds are typically priced, which is arguably one of the biggest draw-cards to choosing Lab Grown Diamonds.

It’s fair to say that Lab Grown Diamonds are generally just a fraction of the cost of their Natural Diamond counterparts.

It is now feasible, with the utilization of Lab Grown Diamonds, to incorporate much larger stones into your engagement ring / piece of jewellery than might have been possible when using Natural Diamonds and allowing for the exact same budget.

Lab Grown Diamonds offer you the opportunity to have “More show for your dough” as we fondly say, meaning you have a larger diamond for less dollars, without compromising whatsoever on the quality when you use Lab Grown Diamonds.

Should you choose a Lab Grown or Natural Diamond?

 At the end of the day, at Greg Neill & Son Jewellers we will always provide you all the options available for you to then decide what suits your personal circumstances best.

We believe that both Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds are stunning options for your dream engagement ring or piece of jewellery and are both excellent choices for different reasons.

Whatever you choose, be confident in knowing they are both real diamonds that will be impossible to tell apart, delivering the same amount of sparkle, beauty and joy to the wearer day in and day out.

March 09, 2022 — Jana Neill