This is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect to consider when purchasing a diamond.

You see, even if your diamond has a perfect clarity and colour grade, if the cut isn't up to scratch (pun intended), then your diamond will likely appear dull. 

Now it's up to you, but we would like to think that you would ever so politely (all but briefly) blind passersby with the sparkle of your diamond .... but that's just us.

If your diamond isn't cut properly, for example, too shallow or too deep, light can leak out of the bottom or side.

A well cut diamond will return light out of the top or 'table' of the diamond giving you the desired sparkle or FIRE you are looking for.

Diamond Cut Diagram

So if you aim to get the HIGHEST DIAMOND CUT GRADE your budget allows, you will be on your way to buying your perfect diamond in no time!

April 19, 2020 — Jana Neill