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✓ Embrace the freedom to choose your own dazzling diamonds and exquisite gemstones?
✓ Transform your vision into reality by designing a one-of-a-kind masterpiece from scratch?
✓ Collaborate with a seasoned jewellery design professional who will unleash untapped ideas, ensuring your dream jewellery becomes a breathtaking reality?
✓ Revel in the satisfaction of owning an engagement ring or jewellery piece that surpasses your wildest dreams?

At Greg Neill & Son Fine Jewellers we are dedicated to guiding you on a remarkable journey towards discovering the perfect piece of jewellery. Whether it's an extraordinary creation for yourself or an unforgettable gift for someone special, our custom design service is your pathway to unparalleled beauty. 

We understand that certain pieces hold an irreplaceable sentimental value, even as trends come and go. That's why we offer the exceptional service of redesigning your existing jewellery, breathing new life into cherished stones and crafting a stunning piece that harmonizes seamlessly with your current style.

Here's the best part: our commitment to crafting your unique jewellery comes at no additional cost. So why wait any longer? Take the first step towards owning a magnificent piece that reflects your individuality. Enquire now to discover the boundless possibilities that await you.

what you can expect

01.  Inspo

You will be required to bring to your appointment in store (or via zoom) some pictures of the ring/s or pieces of jewellery that you absolutely love. We find that Pinterest can be one of the best sources of inspiration for our design customers prior to their appointment with us. 

02.  Appointment

Your appointment in store will be held in the privacy of our diamond room. This is a place where you can relax, enjoy a glass of champagne, wine, beer or refreshment of choice and begin the exciting process of designing your dream ring or piece of jewellery! 

03.  Process

In order to design your dream ring or piece of jewellery, we use a computer program called Counter Sketch. With the aid of this incredibly powerful jewellery design program, we can quite literally help you design thousands of unique pieces of jewellery to suit your style. 

04.  Selection

Once we have your ultimate dream design created for you, we will then work with you to hand select the diamond/s or gemstones/s that best fit your budget, style and quality requirements. The end result will be a piece of jewellery that fits your EXACT wants and desires ... what could be better! 

Kind Words

Thank you for creating something so beautiful, I bloody love my engagement ring! I literally said to Ryan "If you get me a ring, it needs to come from Greg Neil & Son Fine Jewellers"! I also love everything you guys post on your social media. Keep up the good work, you change peoples lives that’s for sure.


During our holiday in Vanuatu I was surprised with a beautiful engagement ring from Greg Neill & Son Fine Jewellers! Thank you for looking after us. We couldn't recommend you more!


Thank you for each and every piece of jewellery that was a part of our engagement right through to the wedding. Definitely not just diamonds and jewellery, every piece and moment with the Greg Neill & Son experience is full of love. Thank you Carolyn, Greg, Simon and Jana ❤️


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